It is normal to see ants almost everyday in our home as our habitats supply everything they need to survive. They may seem tiny and harmless however once ants colonise it can be too difficult to get rid of them.

Effective ant control relies on knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits.

Common Habitat:

•       Most species build their nests outdoor in moist environment such as in soil, rotten woods, rotten logs, leaf axils, leaf litters, tree holes, under potted plants/rocks, etc.

•       Some species build their nests indoor such as wall voids, other cracks and crevices, behind baseboards, electrical switch boxes, etc.

Feeding Habit:

•       Feed on almost any types of food preferably sugar-, protein-, and oil-based foods.

Living Behavior:

•       Social insects, living in an organized colony and have a clearly defined role for each individual.

•       Groom and exchange food/liquid  among nestmates.

•       Lay pheromone trail when forage to lead the nestmates to the food source and aid them back to their nest.

•       Release defence and attack pheromones to send alarm signals to their nestmates.

Harmful Cause:

•       Nuisance

•       Food contamination and spread disease because they can scavenge for food in garbage areas, dog excrement and other unsanitary areas. These disease carrying organisms can then be tracked into our homes and onto our food.

•       Bite and sting may cause pustules and blisters.

•       Unsightly ant trails and mounds. In some instances ants have caused cracks in paths due to their excavations.

Direct treatment of the nest can provide the most effective, long term answer to ant infestation. Alternatively, the use of chemical barriers that interfere between the nest and possible food sources is often an effective method of ant removal. Don’t try to treat these pests with ordinary chemical pesticides as this treatment not only multiplies the colonies but will make extermination even more difficult. Moreover these pesticides only harm the environment and are not recommended with pets or children around.



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