Management of Pest – Bedbugs, Tick & Fleas




ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume and in essence is the same as the less used ULD ultra low dose. It is the current method of space spray (fogging, bombing) which applies a material to aspace. It is also referred to as micro gen as the particles are in the 5-15 micron range. It is better than older types of fogging as due to particle size they can waft around like cigarette smoke or natural fog riding air current. Due to the application method structural applications are almost always of a non residual nature, in other words contact kill. You must be careful with pilot lights and other similar issues. All people and pets must be out of the area which needs to be vented prior to re entry. Fumigation on the other hand utilizes gases that can penetrate into cracks and void areas. Fumigants are deadly gases and must be used by trained professionals.




Insecticide is sprayed at cracks and crevices, wall edges, furniture and other possible bed bug harborages. Chemical with flushing agent will drive the bug out from their hiding place and this would also increase their frequency of contact with the toxic.




Make sure that the bed sheet, blanket, mattress and other textile-made furniture are clean and changed periodically.

Maintain a hygienic living environment as it is important to reduce or prevent bed bug infestation.