Management of Pest – Mosquitoes & Flies

Basically, mosquitoes control methods can be divided into four categories:

1.            Source reduction and environmental management

2.            Chemical control

3.            Physical barriers and personal protection

4.            Biological control

Source Reduction

Source reduction and environmental management is the best approach for providing long-term solution to many mosquitoes problems.  For example, the control of dengue  fever/dengue haemorrhagic fever vectors, using source reduction by getting rid of unwanted containers and prevention of mosquitoes breeding in containers which breed Andes can be highly effective. Public education and diligence is the key to success.

Chemical control – Adult mosquitoes

Compound areas will be fogged with water based or oil based solution using a thermal fogger.  The fogging will only knock down the adult flying mosquitoes. This treatment will only reduce the infestations level temporarily as it does not leave any chemical residue hence it will not prevent re-infestation from the surrounding areas.  The chemical knockdown period and strength will also be affected by the elements (rain and sunlight) hence this should be carried out on a regular basis ideally once every fortnight.

Management of pest - Flies


Bait is a mixture of food attractant and insecticide in order to lure the fly to feed on it and subsequently being poisoned. This approach is environmental-friendly and is safe to be used at sensitive areas such as the pantry, kitchen, poultry farm, etc.


A good sanitation control will help to reduce and prevent any infestation.